How Do I Design a Custom Fence Sign?

Custom fence signs are a popular and cost-effective method for advertising businesses. Even in the current era of online marketing and social media advertising campaigns, there is a permanent place for fence signs in advertising which is matched by very few other forms of marketing. Fence signs are a good way to capture the attention of potential customers and leave a lasting impression on the people who visit your place of business.

With the wide variety of materials and manufacturers in the market, getting a custom fence sign made has become very convenient. If you have a clear idea of your advertising needs, you can get a custom fence sign made exactly according to your instructions. There are several things you can choose from to design a custom fence sign for your business.


One of the most important things you need to get your custom fence sign made is its design. The design you provide to the fence-making company will guide the process of making the sign. Depending on the size, complexity, colors, etc., the process of making a custom sign can vary greatly. For example, a sign with a simple, monochromatic logo design will take less time as compared to a complex design with multiple colors.

Additionally, you can get your custom fence sign made by sending your choice of design to the fencing company. You can save a lot of time if you have a professionally made design ready at the time of ordering. If not, you can choose to hire the in-house design services provided by most fencing companies who can save you the cost of hiring a professional graphic designer.


Choosing the size of your custom fence sign is another important step towards getting a good sign that accurately represents your business. There are numerous size options available in the market, but the choice of size ultimately comes down to your design and advertising needs. It should be kept in mind that the size also determines the price of your custom fence sign, so ordering a size that fits your marketing needs and budget is essential.


One of the most important considerations while getting a custom fence sign made is the material used to make the sign. There are numerous choices of materials available in the market, with each option offering different advantages and drawbacks. Your advertising needs are crucial in determining the choice of material for fence signs.

Advertising Needs

One of the biggest factors that help in accurately realizing your vision of a custom fence sign is the place where the sign will be placed and how. If the sign will be placed indoors, the design and material considerations will vary accordingly. Similarly, if the sign is to be placed in an area where it is exposed to sunlight and weather, the choice of materials, size, design, etc., would also be different. Additionally, how, and where you hang or place your custom sign will also dictate some of the design elements, for example, the placement of punching holes, etc. Together with these design tips and deciding where the perfect location to your sign should bewill surely get your business noticed.