Code Obfuscation – The Comprehensive Complete Guide about It

Code Obfuscation – The Comprehensive Complete Guide about It

The whole compressive concept of code obfuscation can be termed as the modifications made into the executable codes so that it is never available for the comprehension, execution and the interpretation for the hackers. Whenever the source code will be obfuscated it will become very much impossible for the third party to understand it that will further enhance the overall security of the mobile applications. This particular system is very well utilised for the open source applications and is highly recommended for the source code which is distributed in an insecure manner.

 Whenever the applications will be made hard to reverse engineer, the developers will always ensure that their products are always guarded against the security threats and the unauthorised access. The most critical factor in this particular thing is to decide the quality of the method.

 The success of the code obfuscation will always be depended upon several kinds of parameters that will determine the overall quality of the code obfuscation. The quality of the whole concept is determined by the combination of several kinds of factors and some of those important factors are mentioned as follows:

 -The potency factor: This particular point will show the extent to which the obfuscated code will be different from the existing original code. The depth of this particular control flow and the nesting levels are also utilized to increase the complexity of the source code. The code obfuscation will increase the further level of complexity which is the main reason this particular point has to be taken into consideration very well.

 -The resilience factor: This particular factor has been determined by the obfuscated code and its ability to deal with debuggers as well as decompiles throughout the showing process of source code. This is another factor which is considered to be ideal at the time of creating the code which cannot be de-obfuscated by the automated systems. This particular point is very much different from the potency because of the most important aspect that is potent because it can very easily confuse the human attacker and it is considered to be highly resilient with the help of withstanding the automated tool obfuscation.

 – The stealth factor: The code here needs to be indistinguishable from the source codes so that attackers are very well confused about the whole section. Ultimately this concept will make the reverse engineering very much difficult to undertake for the attackers and this particular factor will always depend upon the context of code which is considered to be a very crucial factor at the time of evading the automated reverse engineering attacks.

 -The cost factor: This is considered to be the most important factor because it is directly linked with the conjunction of resources as well as time which can be expanded to execute the obfuscated codes in comparison with the non-obfuscated ones. Another thing to be taken care of is the performance consideration associated with the whole process. Whenever the code will be intelligently obfuscated it will ultimately help in solving the purposes of confusing the attackers with several kinds of prudent techniques and without expending the unnecessary resources and cost.

 Following are some of the benefits of implementing the concept of code of a Station:

  • Many of the advantages come from the proper implementation by the security teams into the applications are, especially for the hosted ones.
  • Under the untrusted environment it is considered to be very much important to deploy the application which is obfuscated because it will become harder for the attackers to review the code as well as analyzing the whole application.
  • The proper implementation of this particular process will always ensure that there are no loopholes throughout the process and tampering for the application in terms of criminal gains can never be done.
  • Another great implementation related benefit is that it will always provide a wide layer of protection which is indispensable for the applications dealing with business-critical personal information of all the customers.
  • There will be a higher level of optimization with the code by removing the not so useful data and the unused codes or the duplicate codes.
  • Ultimately this process will always make sure that everything will be speeded up and quicker code execution will be there that will bring faster results it will make sure that code performance is perfectly implemented.
  • Another main advantage is that there will be a proper rendering of the application which will become very hard to reverse engineer and it will meet that open source platforms will no longer be a worry.
  • The whole concept is very famous in case multiple layers of security have been applied and under these particular codes, the security team will always apply on the obfuscation based algorithms with the proper support of the previous algorithm serving as the input to the next in line and several force areas.
  • The attackers will always get confused with this particular concept about the original intent of the program which will be visible for them. Ultimately it will fail several kinds of attempts of their practices.
  • This particular concept is considered to be the most practical way of handling several kinds of threats so that attackers can be prevented because it requires a lot of effort, resources and skill to crack this particular type of code.


 Hence, the organizations can go with the option of implementing several kinds of tools throughout the process to make sure that everything is perfectly implemented and this is considered to be the one-stop solution for all kinds of needs. The organizations should compare and combine several kinds of techniques so that code can be protected all the time, especially in the entrusted environment. 

Everything should be taken into proper consideration after analysis of the pros and cons and the strategy should be very well implemented with the motive of complementing everything. This particular concept will always work as the antidote against contemporary security threats and will make sure that users will have a much enriched experience all the time.