Everything you need to know about Mobile Marine Electronics

With the help of modern technology, Marine transportation has become safer in the form of marine electronics. If you love to do fishing with your yacht or boat, it seems impossible to not to rely on the instruments for a convenient and safer experience. Marine Tech explains how it can get all your electronic systems fully integrated. We can control your weather, charts, entertainment, and ship controls all from your Smartphone, tablet, or laptop. Our experts are really experienced, working with marine technologies. We manage and integrate all brands such as Garmin, Raymarine, Simrad, Furuno, JL Audio, and Fusion Sea. With your seamless electronic integration with us, you are guaranteed to get the best service, and the value of your money.  

Marine Tech Mobile Installation

Marine Tech has 25 years of experience. Our customers regard us as experts in the maritime industry. So you can always rely on our advice. Equally important, customer satisfaction is our goal. Not to mention that our professional installers are coming to you. We just focus on yachts and boats. Another key point our contributors come to you. If you are in Miami or Ft. Lauderdale, we come to you. To better serve our clients and save them money. Our team of insurers are polite and timely. We can perform site installation on your home, at sea or in a dry area. We will make all of your electronics controlled by a smartphone or tablet.

Marine Tech Safety Programs

Protect your boat or boat with a marine safety system with Marine Tech. Our team of Mobile Marine Electronic experts have experience in installing cameras, alarms and sensors to protect your investment. Get updates from your boat wherever you are on your computer, smartphone, or tablet. You can always track your ship using GPS Technology. Learn to block the fog, prevent thieves by confusing and intimidating the criminal, before he escapes with your valuables.

Gost technology

Here at Marine Tech we propose to use Gost (Global Ocean Security Technologies). They offer a wide range of products all designed for marine systems. Gost is a state-of-the-art technology. It is the most widely used marine safety system in the water today. Offer all products and components that can be integrated into boat systems.

What is Marine Radar?

The marine radar device serves as a great navigation aid for sailors. It helps to find boats, birds, terrain, and weather systems even if the visibility is lower than normal. Offering a full line of Garmin’s marine systems and open spaces. Garmin xHD2 radar provides high-quality digital technology that delivers high-resolution images of your frame and sharp images with the best resolution. Garmin high-definition xHD2 antennas are the proof of the future when you upgrade your Garmin Marine Network.

Radio Discovery and Imaging, used to find objects and their position in relation to your current location. It works by sending a radio signal. When a signal hits an object, you can get the estimated value/distance from the object and it shows on the radar. It does so by locating other ships and obstacles in the world, providing cargo and distance to avoid collisions and navigating while in the water.

Top Contemplating factors

Two important features of the sea radar wing are the beam angle and the transmitter power. Energy is an important factor in determining how well your radar works in adverse weather conditions. The higher the radar power, the better your transmitter can see between the rain fog and rain, and the continuation of the signal’s arrival. Blind rain can lead to low-energy radar doing less than it should. Beam angle is determined by the size of the radar antenna. A long antenna produces a small beam that can better distinguish them from objects that are much closer together than a shorter one. On the other hand, a short antenna produces a wide-angle that allows the radar to scan a larger area than a long antenna at the same time. Antennas can be customized in most cases, and you can purchase them separately.

Using Garmin Marine Radar

One of the great features of the Garmin Marine Radar is its ability to determine where you meet and where you are a few minutes ago. The “echo trail” feature is often used to determine how best to use the barrier as opposed to keeping track of the number you set for your ship. The echo route is displayed on the radar display screen so that one can check by watching whatever is happening.

Operation of Radar in Docks

The ship’s radar equipment consists of three main components: the generator itself, the monitoring screen, and the antenna or scanner, which are usually installed at the top of a very large structure. The radiation from the scanner scans almost horizontally on the small beam as the scanner rotates and when the ship is in the harbor it will come in contact with ship structures and equipment such as cranes, gantries etc. The beam is rarely spread out on the ground to cover the structure of a ship or a deck.

While a ship may not need its own radar equipment that operates while in port, many fast ships, transit vessels and other short-term or telecommunications vessels as tunnels can keep their radar equipment running at all times.

Type of Marine Radiations

Marine radar systems operate at high frequency (RF) frequency and microwave frequency. Unlike X-rays and nuclear radiation, radiation is not ionizing radiation and does not enter the human body but can cause facial inflammation, especially of the skin and eyes (cornea).

The output power from offshore radar systems can vary between similar radar sets and many other features, including:

  •         Total power of the radar set (usually measured in kilowatts, for example 60 kW)
  •         Antenna gain (expressed in decibels, dB).
  •         Frequency of transmission
  •         Range of Pulse rate

The level of human potential that can be exposed near a radar scanner and it will also depend on a number of additional factors, including:

  •         Distance from scanner
  •         Type of scanner
  •         Presence of absorbing or scattering substances.

Get your boat stereo installation

How to Choose a Marine Stereo System? This is one of the common questions most people have, but thanks to the technical installation team at Marine Tech Miami that has been helping many sailors like you to choose the best for their marine. Providing a full range of equipment installation services from offshore speakers to satellite marine satellites and much more. Being an authorized dealer and supplier of all major brands such as Garmin Marine, Furuno, Jl Audio Marine, and Fusion Marine. Improve your boating experience and better appreciate the marine environment.

Get a Guarantee!

Having a nice, courteous and kind team behind your back gives you a level of satisfaction. We are known for providing clean installations in Miami and Fort Lauderdale. No doubt your boat will be in a better position than it did when it arrived. All the boats are properly organized and wired or rewired using only a top-grade hardware to protect your investments. Get your unsightly work cover up and see your boat look like a brand-new one again. You can get up to 2 years of warranty using Garmin Marine technological services.

Choose your Service

The first step in choosing a service is to look at whether they are recommended by reputable people. You can contact the National Marine Electronics Association (NEMA) for directions. The US Maritime Organization has published a number of guidelines for the use of marine living resources. NEMA also offers training courses for those who want to install and have a list of accredited marine importers.

If you have recently purchased your boat, the store may refer you back to some specialists. When inquiring, be sure to look for details on prices and signs of good or bad service. One way is to reach out to friends who travel by boat with the people in your circle. They can take you to places where you can install common equipment, such as a GPS navigator, an audio recorder, or any other electronic device near you.

Performing a Background Test

In addition to safety, there are two other common reasons for installing electronic marine: for improved fishing or for leisure.

If you are a seamstress, marine technology can be included as part of the final stages of boat construction, contact your boat builder about this. It is advisable to check the previous art of the installation company. If they have a display room for their stuff, go check it out. Searching for a company name and reading their reviews online is also a great help. A company with years of experience is also a hallmark of good management and quality customer service. Marine Tech have more than 25 years of experience, working on almost every type and size of submarine.