Do You Need A DWI Lawyer After A Night Out With Friends

It’s easy for people to lose track of their alcohol consumption when they’re out in a social setting, enjoying friends and having a good time. Many forget that at some point, they’ll need to either find a way to get home or get behind the wheel, which can mean trouble in a lot of ways.

DWI or DUI is a severe repercussion for taking time out for entertainment. The most negligible consequences will be a marred record, but the punishment can be extensive and the fines expensive. 

That’s not considering the cost of a DWI lawyer to help you with the defense for the charges you face with the possibility of jail time. Considering the potential danger associated with driving in an intoxicated state, this is getting off easy.

Crashes associated with DWI increase in numbers each year, with innocent people harmed or worse killed as a result. The key to avoiding any circumstances is prevention. When you know you’ll be driving for the evening, don’t drink – simple. Though, some find that concept not always so cut and dry. 

It’s essential to be stronger than temptation or even the dreaded peer pressure. Let’s look at ways to handle evenings out where alcohol will be the party’s focus.

How To Prevent A DWI Yet Enjoy A Night With Friends


Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) or Driving Under the Influence (DUI) are severe and dangerous charges prevalent in most states. There are countless accidents with resulting injuries and worse deaths due to drivers choosing to get behind the wheel when their capacity to drive has been inhibited. 

The individuals make a conscious choice when driving to their destination and taking the first drink, knowing they will somehow need to manipulate other vehicles to get back home. 

A DWI attorney would advise potential clients to act preventively to avoid likely circumstances from their actions. How long do DWI charges remain on a record – click here for information. What steps can you take in acting responsibly when enjoying an evening out? Let’s learn.

  • Designate a driver

If you know, there will be drinking and that you intend to participate, bring along someone to serve as the designated driver to bring you home safely. That relieves you of any responsibility for getting behind the wheel, plus you can then enjoy the evening in a more relaxed manner. 

The only consideration is ensuring that the designated driver doesn’t have a “one or two drink rule.” These can sometimes foray into a few more drinks leading to both of you searching for a sober friend to take over the driving role for the evening. 

When assigning the designated driving spot, make sure it’s a person you genuinely believe can handle the responsibility of not taking even one drink.

  • Consume food while socializing


Alcohol will enter the bloodstream at a much slower rate if there is food in your system to help slow it down. When you consume alcohol on an empty stomach, it moves into the bloodstream much more rapidly. 

The suggestion is you can use food as a preventative measure to avoid DUI charges, especially if you indulge in a cocktail while having a business dinner. The (BAC) blood alcohol level will increase slower when your stomach is full.

If the meeting is strictly over cocktails, make sure there are snacks like perhaps pretzels or crackers nearby that you can nibble on to retain a level under .08%.

  • Public transportation is almost always an option

Ideally, if you can’t find a designated driver, your recourse would be to abstain from drinking altogether as a preventative measure. If you can’t avoid having drinks, another way to prevent driving is to use public transport. 

Many states or cities offer bus systems, or some even provide rail services if you believe you’ve had too much alcohol. These are usually on a pretty rigid schedule which you might find a distance from your home location. 

A less budget-friendly option is the varied ride-share choices or even calling a cab which you can take advantage of most hours of the day or night. Even though you might pay a little more, consider the cost for DWI charges.

  • Cut yourself off


One of the best tactics someone driving themselves home can use is to stop drinking well before it’s time to get behind the wheel. It allows your body to get the BAC level into a normal range after metabolizing the alcohol.

The suggestion is for each drink consumed to stop an hour early. In that free time, sip on water and eat some snacks. If you’ve had more liquor than the time you’ll be able to cut yourself off; you’ll need to look for a safe way to get home.

DWI/DUI Prevention Needs To Be A Priority


It can keep you and the people surrounding you safe from harm when you’re informed. If you intend to drink alcohol when you attend an event or social gathering, it’s up to you to then behave responsibly. 

First and foremost, turn your keys over to a designated driver who you know will remain sober throughout the evening or make other arrangements to get home safely.

If you choose to get behind the wheel and wind up charged with driving while intoxicated, it’s vital to request the services of a DWI lawyer to guide you through the process since these offenses can bring harsh fines and severe repercussions. Learn about the strict DUI laws at https://www.idrivesafely.com/defensive-driving/trending/toughest-dui-laws-us/.

Final Thought


Too many people are injured or, worse, killed in accidents due to people getting in a vehicle while intoxicated. In these cases, the alcohol impairs a driver’s judgment, leading them to believe they’re capable but, instead, disabling them from recognizing how they’re indeed operating the vehicle, ultimately resulting in terrible crashes.

If you make this poor decision and find yourself facing fines and legal consequences, one of the first phone calls should be to a DWI lawyer to learn how to deal with the repercussions of your actions. The professional knows the ins and outs of the system and will work on your side.