6 Reasons Your Website’s Database Should Be Updated and User Friendly

If your company’s website database is the main feature of your website, you have even more reason than other businesses to ensure that the database is always up and running.

6 Reasons Your Website's Database Should Be Updated and User Friendly

Aside from being user-friendly and up-to-date, this database needs plenty of attention to ensure it’s always running smoothly. If you need convincing, here are six reasons.

1. Customers do have an opinion

If your website has a database, your customers will use it to form an opinion. If they are searching for information on your website and the information they pull up is not up-to-date or easy to navigate, it will turn them off and drive them away from your site.

2. Information in website databases is invaluable

Say you have a client looking to find employee contact information on your website database. If this information is not clearly labeled and easy to find, your client is going to become frustrated. If you’re lucky, that frustration will lead to an irritated phone call to your company; if you’re not, the person may simply wander off.

If you get the phone call, that’s going to lead to a frustrated conversation and in turn, perhaps a frustrated employee. When contact information such as email addresses and direct extension numbers are easy to find and swiftly available on your database, your customers are much happier.

3. Flooded call centers

Yet another reason you need to ensure your database is up and running smoothly is that you don’t want your call center flooded with concerns and complaints. The more your database goes down, the more of these calls you’ll receive, and the more angry customers you will encounter.

4. Up-to-date information is a requirement

Say you have a website that lists homes or vehicles for sale. If the list is not up to date, potential customers will become annoyed. If one calls about a home or a vehicle he or she want to look at, only to find out it was sold three days ago, the person might well not revisit your site and you’ve just lost business.

5. Up-front information

When you have a website database that provides your clients and customers with all the pertinent information regarding your business and the way it works, you’ll generate less confusion and fewer irate customers.

When they know ahead of time exactly which services you provide, what to expect, and how your process works, customers are happy. However, if your information is out-of-date or out-of-whack, your hopeful shoppers will become confused, upset, and annoyed about your business practices.

6. Your database represents your company

As a business owner, you absolutely want your company to develop and maintain a good reputation. If your website database is untrustworthy and unreliable, and your customers take notice, your reputation is not going to grow in the direction you would like it to.

Instead, your company is will develop a reputation for not caring about your customers’ needs, not having the professionalism to maintain good business practices, and not having the knowledge to run a business smoothly.

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Your website database does more than just list important products, information, and inventory for your clients. It helps to build and maintain your reputation, attract potential customers, and set the tone for how you will be known for doing business.

When your database is unreliable, your customers will begin to think of your business in the same manner. Don’t let this happen: work hard to ensure your website database is worthy.