Nancy Etz Shares 5 Leadership Lessons Men Can Learn from Women

A women can be a very good leader, whether a housewife or office going women, they can lead very well everywhere, but even today many conservative people do not consider women to be a good leader, however still from time to time women have proved themselves, whether at the time to guide their children for their career or to lead and encourage employees in the office to achieve their goals, All the time, women have made every possible effort to prove their leadership qualities and to some extent have also been succeeded. So let’s see what Nancy Etz shares about the leadership qualities ofwomen that the men should also adopt.

Be confident, bold, and assertive about the work.

Women are mostly equipped with confidence, boldness, and assertiveness. However, as compared to women some men are a little bit aggressive, try to often promoting themselves, and sometimes also get the credit for the work done by others. However, instead of these things, the men also must adopt Confidence, boldness, and assertiveness like women as it will make them more sincere about their work and can also encourage them to lead their employees in the right way to achieve their goal.

Accept your weaknesses.

From childhood, men are being taught by their parents or close ones that men never cry nor they ever weaken, due to this men always pretend to be strong or overconfident, on the other hand, women are mostly not overconfident and reveal their weaknesses or limitations, she can boldly reveal to anyone what she can do or whatnot. However, men should also adopt this quality of women and reveal their weaknesses and also try their best to search the relevant ways to improve their performance.

Motivate employees to work hard.

Some research shows that women can lead their employeesbetterby motivating them to work hard and can even change their common beliefs or attitude towards work. By inspiring the employees they can encourage more employees to work in a team as a result their performance improved and they will begin to engage in their work. Men should also consider these qualities while leading their employees, it will help men to improve their leading ability.

Appreciate others for their work.

Every employee loves to get appreciation or credit for their work. However, men mostly have self-centredbehaviour and will never appreciate other people for their work nor they give credit to other employees for their good work, however, women mostly appreciate their employees for their hard work and always try to enhance their employee’s work by inspiring them to work more efficiently. The same thing should be done by menas well.

Establish an emotional connection with the employees.

Mostly it has been seen that the men are more craved for appreciation and validation due to which they can’t pay attention to their employees and even not empathized with them as they are busier in thinking about themselves rather than their employees. On the other hand, women often care for their employees and establish an emotional connection with their employees also leads them to work efficiently and be loyal towards the organization. Men must also establish an emotional relationship with their employees and try to inspire them to be engaged in their work to achieve the desired goal for the organization.


By adopting these amazing qualities, men can also become good leader. Hope you like this article, to get updates for more such types of article stay connected with us.