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Making a style statement at the outdoors – Hat style tips

When it comes to covering our heads, there are several options available. Think hats, caps, scarves, and beanies; the choices are almost endless. However, it is vital to remember that not every style is for everyone. So, it makes a lot of sense to choose a headgear type and style based on your specific features and requirements.

With that bit of introduction out of the way, our fashion experts would like you to know that you can never go wrong with the right hat when it comes to outdoor styling and fashion. It is interesting to note that hats are as traditional as they come, and it was almost a norm to wear one a hundred years back, men and women alike.

Over the years and with the development of unique fashion styles and senses, hats aren’t compulsory. Nevertheless, the modern hats are that bit of extra added flair that will for sure turn heads everywhere you go. So, it is pretty safe to state that hats, caps, and headgears are back; back in trend, in the corridors of high-fashion and even with the utility-seeking working class.

Hats are more than just-style

It is vital to note that hats are not just about style. A hat has plenty of usefulness, and the chief among them is the ability to shield your head and face from the sun, UV rays, rain, snow, and all types of inclement weather conditions. Think about a straw sun hat, for example; this particular choice puts you in the vacation mood while keeping your head breathable, sweat-free and provides ample shielding against the sun and the heat.

Let us look at some of the top summer choices of modern-day women as far as hats and headgears are concerned.


No hat-related post is complete without mentioning fedoras. The fedora is the most common and almost symbolic when it comes to hats. If you can imagine a hat right now, chances are you are visualizing a fedora. As far as the styling goes, fedoras are overflowing with wrinkled focus, making them a great addition to any formal or pant-suit ensemble.


If you are looking to replace the formal fedora with something that spells “fun” while maintaining the air of classiness, look no further than the cloche. The cloche is a staple of the French ladies and is popular to this day. Cloches come in vivid tones and have edges to suit the informal styling demands.

Floppy caps

Floppy caps are ideal summer companions as they do not have a solid overflow. This allows a floppy cap to gain any shape. The fluid form makes a choice extremely tasteful, while the floppy shape means you do not have to think about the size and fit concerning this choice. Floppy caps are perfect with a “boho” ensemble.

Buckets and boaters

Bucket and boater hats are two top-rated outdoor hat options available in the market today. The modern-day boater hats are free from the generalizations of gender, making a choice a great outdoor option. On the other hand, Bucket hats are the coziest and comfortable headgear in the market, making you look cute and presentable for any occasion while protecting your head against the sun and the rain.

Straw hats

Straw hats, straw fedoras are precious options to carry to a vacation. Straw hats are just great if you plan on sightseeing and staying outdoors. Straw hats are incredibly lightweight, presents a classy look while providing ample protection against the sun and heat.

Hat styling tips

Sun hats

Sun hats, especially straw hats, are top-rated options and a valuable component of every lady’s closet. As stated earlier, nothing spells vacation quite like the sun and the straw hats. If it is a bright day with plenty of sun, all you need is to add that extra layer of security and protection with sun hats.

Baseball hats

Headgears do not need to be fashionable at all times. Often protection against the heat and the sun can be achieved by the common-sense baseball caps. The fun thing about baseball caps is that you can pair them up with almost any casual ensemble and look like a sporty diva.


When it comes to cloche hats, you need to think about conservative dresses like shirt dresses and turtlenecks. Also, make sure to pair your fashion ensemble with stilettos and siphons.

Now it is time for some pro-tips to wear hats.