Include some add-on covers to improve your health insurance

We all are aware of the sky-rocketing expenses of the medical sector. Our health is uncertain and unpredictable, so having health insurance always acts as a helping hand in medical emergencies. Also, for a middle-class family, it is difficult to meet the sudden medical expenses. So here health insurance will help you in giving financial and emotional assistance. So health insurance is the ultimate solution for all medical issues. Benefits of cashless health insurance coverpre and post hospitalization expenses, transportation charges, no claim bonus, medical check-up, medical room, tax benefits and many more.

Health insurance is the ultimate solution for all your financial issues. It is always right to get professional assistance while choosing the right health insurance plan. The insurance health provider will make sure that you select the right plan for you and your family. Also, try to get your hands on family health insurance as you will be able to enjoy maximum benefits. Also, with the help of the family health insurance policy, your family will be able to enjoy the same benefits too. Also, while looking for the health insurance policy, look for the following factors:

  • Sum assured
  • Minimum entry age and renewability clause
  • Room rent capping
  • Inclusions and exclusions
  • No bonus claim
  • And many other benefits

Also, if you are worried about the documentation, it requires some basic documents like age proof, identity proof, address proof, some medical tests and passport size photos. Also, you can select from a wide range of health insurance options like individual health insurance, family health insurance, senior citizen health insurance, maternity health insurance etc.

To make the health insurance plan more effective, you can go for some add-on cover. Add-on covers are the additional features that will enhance the health insurance plan. It will provide you superior protection against unpredictable medical emergencies that may involve high medical expenses. The interested policyholders can invest in new policies by choosing some add-ons.

Following are some of the add-on covers to enhance health insurance:

  • Personal accident cover- This add-on cover will allow the policyholder to have access to the compensation for the accidental health, disablement of any body part, or any temporary total disablement. The amount of the compensation may vary depending upon the policy you have.
  • Room rent- This cover helps the policyholder to enjoy the benefit of a high limit room. In most cases, the insurers allot the normal room with fewer amenities. Having this add-on will allow you to get the high-class services of the hospital. This cover acts great when the policyholder is getting treated from a highly rated hospital in a metro city where the rooms are generally priced high.
  • Daily hospital expenses- Note that basic health insurance does not cover the additional daily expenses of the hospital. Even if the daily expenses are less, but the total will make a huge amount. This add-on cover will help the policyholder to not bear these expenses. This can include consultation fees, costs of medicines, etc.
  • No claim super bonus- This is an extended feature of no claim bonus. In case, the policyholder has chosen an option and no claim bonus is paid, the policyholder can avail the benefit of no claim super bonus. The insured person will get 50% of the sum assured.
  • Air ambulance cover- If the insured thinks that there might be chances that he/she might travel within the country, this is the best add-on cover for them. Your health insurance will bear all the expenses of your transportation fare. But here it requires the doctor’s permission and should mention the seriousness.
  • Second opinion- This add-on cover will help the policyholder to get the second option anywhere in India if they are not satisfied with their present doctor. The health insurance company will bear the expenses of the second opinion take by you.


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