Workforce Management: Seven Essentials One Must Consider

Having an elaborate workforce management system has proven to be a valuable asset to any business in recent years. There are several workforce management systems out on the market. However, not all these systems can be compatible with your business. You need to figure out which system works for you and can be customized to fit your individual needs. This article is focused on some of the essentials you need to consider when choosing a workforce management system. 


A workforce management solution is just one aspect of running the business. This software cannot operate on its own to ensure a seamless flow of activities in your business. The solution of your choice should be equipped to support software integrations. This way, it can be of more value to both you and your management team. An example is integrating your workforce management system with a performance management system. This way, you can be able to schedule employees effectively depending on their performance track.

Integrating your workforce management solution to software such as VOIP can also improve the efficiency of other sectors. Through this, you can contact consultants, clients, and vendors you work with. With an integrated system, you can even sign documents electronically and disburse them to various parties easily. Choose a system that can be integrated with other software to smoothen operations.

Manage employees.

The most important reason why you are getting workforce management software in the first place is to help you keep tabs on your employees with minimal effort. Data collected from this software can be employed in different aspects of the business, such as arranging for employee leave or managing the payroll. 

The system of your choice should be fitted with an automated payroll system to enable your management team to generate reports, receipts, and payslips on time and with no hitches. Depending on the nature of your business, you should have a workforce management solution that can account for overtime put in by employees. This way, you can compensate every employee appropriately. 


The employment industry is constantly evolving with new laws and regulations being put in place to ensure the safety and comfort of employees. One of the main reasons why entrepreneurs are switching to an automated workforce management system is compliance. Having the right workforce solution, you can get a secure document vault where all your sensitive employee files can be stored. 

The system should also alert you of the compliance deadline, changes, and actions that can be taken to ensure compliance. The system should also automatically prepare the PAF process and store it in your cloud. 


When choosing a workforce solution, you need to get a user-friendly system. To make work easy for your employees, especially the management, you need to choose a system fitted with an easy-to-use interface. Providing your staff with easy access to information and mobile compatibility is an efficient way of boosting productivity

The system of your choice should be up and running regardless of the location. This is where mobile compatibility comes into play. For this, it is best to choose cloud-based software that can be accessed from any location with minimal interruptions. 

Automated reports. 

The entire point of getting a workforce solution is to increase productivity while optimizing employees. Choose software that can generate automated reports, thus reducing the time wasted by employees trying to draft reports. Keep in mind that an integrated system is also a good way of generating employee performance reports without having to review each employee manually individually. 

The system should also generate reports that can be used by different people, for example, the board of directors, shareholders, investors, managers, and even the authorities. Choose a system that offers detailed real-time reports.


Before digging into your finances to purchase the software, ask for the price and the additional charges with the software. You should consider question such as;

  • Are the documentation and pricing included in the price?
  • What additional charges arise from connecting the system to an automatic call distributor, and which ACDs does the software support?
  • In case of the need to change the ACD, what is the price?

Don’t make this decision on your own; it is best to consult with your tech department to ascertain if the software can serve your business needs or is compatible with your current networks and systems. 

Business goals.

Lastly, when choosing WFM systems, you need to establish a clear set of business goals you seek to achieve in the long term. Before making that final step, you have to ask yourself what you seek to achieve with the software, if the software can actually help monitor your employees’ productivity, and ultimately if the software aligns with your business goals.

An integrated system can provide a linkage between employee goals and business goals. This way, the system can facilitate optimal productivity among your staff.