The Top Reasons to Use a Recruiter When Searching for a New Job

Regardless of if someone is trying to reenter the workforce or if they are interested in finding something new, the thought of a new career is often put on the back burner because of the tedious and daunting task of searching for a new job. Most people don’t want to spend their time sifting through job boards to find potential openings, put time into fixing their resume, or waiting for their phone to ring or that one email to come in.

There is a way to make this easier work with consumer insights recruiters. When someone makes the decision to work with a recruiter, it means they are not all alone in their job search. Recruiters will match individuals with jobs that require their experiences and skills.

It is important to remember, though, that the recruiter’s job is not to find someone a job. They are actually hired (and paid) by companies that are looking for employees to fill the open positions they have. Their job is not to find jobs for people, but instead, they are finding the right people for open jobs. However, there are several benefits offered to job seekers when they rely on the help and services offered by recruiters. Keep reading to learn what those benefits are.

Save Time with the Help of a Recruiter

A person should consider the amount of time they are going to spend looking at job boards and sending out applications and resumes. When a recruiter is used, it is possible to reduce this workload, often significantly. Recruiters are spending a minimum of eight hours per day trying to find the best candidates for their clients.

Recruiters are aware of what jobs are out there. They also know when job seekers are out there. This means they are devoting much of their time ensuring the jobs are filled.

Most people have other obligations in their life that will keep them from the job-seeking process. A person may work for their existing employer until they find a new opportunity. They may also be in school or caring for a family. When a recruiter’s services are used, it will help a person save time on their job search.

The Ability to Network on a Larger Scale

Consider a person’s existing job-search connections. This includes family members, friends, acquaintances from college, past employers, etc. In most cases, these will never come close to the connections that recruiters have. Take some time to consider this and then most people will see how beneficial the connections a recruiter has will be. This is going to help job searchers get the most from their job-seeking efforts.

When a person sends their resume to a business’s HR department, they need that document to be considered for a job. However, if the recruiter believes that a job applicant would be a good fit for their client, then there is someone in the applicant’s corner, helping ensure they are considered for the job.

Most recruiters are going to spend quite a bit of time making connections through face-to-face networking, phone calls, and databases. When the services of a recruiter are used during the job search, their network is going to grow significantly.

Help with the Process

A quality recruiter is going to work to provide the very best candidates for the clients they represent. Some will even help individuals with the job placement process, which includes applying for and accepting offers on a person’s behalf. When the right recruiter is found and used, most of a person’s questions will be answered and there will be no unknown factors in the situation.

It is also possible for a person to improve their portfolio, resume, and other types of application documents with a recruiter’s help and guidance. These professionals can provide coaching on interviewing and after an interview can provide feedback on how things went.

The Recruiter’s Goal is to Find Quality Candidates

When it comes to recruiters, it is important to remember this is a for-profit business. This means that cash is king. When a recruiter finds someone to fill a job, it means they get paid. This also means that finding more candidates and getting more people in open positions is essential. As a result, recruiters are often competitive when it comes to placing candidates in a manner that will satisfy the clients. This is something that will help someone in their job search both now and in the future.

Access to More Job Opportunities

It is important to note that not all open positions will be posted on a job board. There are some companies that are only going to post the available jobs on their website. Others will just rely on the third-party sourcing agencies in order to find the candidates they need. If this happens, a person may miss out on new opportunities and only have job-search websites to use.

The right recruiter will help to point individuals to openings that may be more difficult to find. This is going to provide someone with access to jobs that have been advertised confidentially or that are not posted online, at all. When there are more options and job opportunities to apply to, a person has a much better chance of getting the job offer they have been waiting for.

The Candidate Has Specialized Skills

There are some occupations that require someone to have a unique set of skills. In some situations, there are fewer candidates than the total number of open positions. One example would be areas that have difficulties filing the position of software developers. If a candidate has specialized skills, then they can use a recruiter to find positions that match these skills.

Take some time to consider the benefits here to see why using a recruiter can be so beneficial. Being informed and knowing what is offered is the best way to make the most out of this professional relationship and to find a new position faster than attempting to do so alone.