The Impact of High-Quality Custom Shipping Boxes on Customer Experience and Satisfaction

Adding small freebies can make customers feel appreciated and build brand affinity, whether it’s a handwritten note or other personalized touches. This can lead to repeat business.

Boxes that are right-sized for products can reduce shipping costs because carriers calculate rates based on volume rather than weight. They also help protect products and limit waste.


A good custom box makes a difference in the unboxing experience. It allows you to showcase your brand and products uniquely. In addition, it is a great way to increase the return on investment for your business. This means that you can reinvest the profits into your business to improve its future performance.

In one experiment, participants were offered a choice of writing pen sets that differed in ink quality and writing comfort. The results indicated that people complimented on their appearance were less likely to choose the middle option and more likely to select the high-quality pen. The researchers attributed the effect to the positive contagion that occurs when people find others attractive, which increases their self-esteem and confidence.

Aside from aesthetics, a good custom packaging box will protect the contents of your shipment and make it easier for the consumer to open. Consider using a rollover front tuck box with a lip that rolls over the front of the box and secures with tabs that fit into slots on the front. 



High-quality custom shipping boxes ensure your products are protected from damage and arrive in perfect condition. This builds customer trust and increases customer satisfaction, increasing brand loyalty. Durable packaging also reduces shipping costs.

Custom box manufacturers can create custom packaging to keep your product secure and add a premium feel to your brand. Custom-printed tissue paper is a popular choice, as it provides a layer of protection and a pop of color to your shipping container. Other filler options include Styrofoam packing peanuts, air pillows, and bubble wrap.

Stock-sized containers can risk your product, as they are often produced in bulk and may differ from the exact size required for the items you’re shipping. This can result in unused space, making your product more vulnerable to damage. Using a professional box manufacturer can help you avoid this problem by creating custom packaging that is the exact size of your items. This will eliminate unused space and ensure that your products are securely wrapped in the best possible way.



A custom box can boost the perceived value of your product and increase brand recognition. It can also serve as an inexpensive way to market your business. Research shows that more than 40% of customers post pictures of their gifts or packages on social media when they come in unique branded boxes. These positive interactions can help create brand awareness, build customer loyalty, and increase revenue for your business.

Whether customers browse your products in-store or view them on your website, the packaging they receive is their first impression of your company. If left with a negative feeling, they will be less likely to buy from your company again.

Use a 3-D design tool to customize the inside and outside of your shipping box with colors, visual graphics, and other tactile elements that match your brand. Print on both sides of the box for maximum visibility, or select outside-only printing for a minimal look. 



As the COVID-19 pandemic dragged on, many consumers found themselves running low on toilet paper and flour, searching online for inflatable backyard pools, and thinking about the impact of their daily choices. This newfound awareness and heightened concern for their health and safety made many shoppers more eco-friendly. Half of global consumers surveyed by PwC say they have become more eco-conscious since the pandemic.

As a business owner, you must find creative ways to make your company more eco-friendly, starting with your packaging. Consider using digital post-printing for custom boxes to avoid larger upfront costs and meet the needs of your customer base. Customers will recognize your effort and be more inclined to spread the word about your products – resulting in an even greater return on investment.



Custom boxes are an excellent way to brand your company and provide a unique experience for your customers. They can also increase return on investment, vital for long-term business success. This is because branded packaging can reduce marketing costs by increasing customer awareness.

Aside from branding, custom boxes can improve shipping efficiency by reducing space and maximizing product fit. They can also be printed with custom colors and designs and come in various shapes to create a more memorable unboxing experience. This type of packaging can also be personalized to promote special offers or discounts.

Custom boxes may be better than stock boxes, depending on your business model. Stock boxes are typically kept in bulk inside a warehouse and can be quickly ordered. They are an excellent choice for companies with a low shipment volume or a simple product line. However, custom boxes are the best choice if your business has a more diversified product line or requires unique dimensions.