Personal vs Bodily Injury – Which Can be Claimed Easily?

The difference between personal and bodily injury is where you may encounter both in the legal context. The bodily injury is generally referenced in the criminal court cases, mainly referring to the injuries that are sustained by somebody who is a victim of the assault or other crime. The personal injury is referenced in the civil court claims & covers costs incurred because of the accident and wrongful death.

What’s Personal Injury?

Before differentiating both of them, first let us know, “what’s a personal injury?” Personal Injury mainly refers to the physical and psychological illness caused because of the other person negligence. When you hire the best personal injury claim lawyer it can result in the financial compensation for you.

What’s Bodily Injury?

Bodily injury is a bit different than personal injury, it doesn’t refer to any kind of legal claim. Instead, it is used to discuss the physical damages that a person has sustained. Alternatively, “bodily injury” describes various situations. It is used in criminal cases (such as aggravated assault) when referring to any harm sustained by a person. However, “bodily injury” is an important aspect of insurance claims and policies. It is included in the policy information that indicates when you’re or are not covered. The insurance company will pay the specific amount for the bodily injury (the amount that they pay will depend on your medical treatment and the severity of your injury).

Getting Personal Injury Compensation

Suppose you have a personal injury case, you have to know when and how the claim has got filed for any of your injuries. The personal injury claims having bodily injuries have got specific legal elements required to be very successful in court. Also, you should know the legal steps that you may take. If you do not have any idea about it, you can consider hiring the professional personal injury lawyer who will help you with the right claim. The personal injury claims offer you damages for the accident injury, which includes:

  • Severe damage
  • Getting reimbursed for no work
  • Reimbursement for medical bills
  • Compensation for pain
  • Punitive damages


But, make sure you file the injury claim with the attorney as early as possible.

Getting Bodily Injury Compensation

Figuring out the value of the bodily injury claim begins by adding up the hard costs “special damages” in the insurance lingo.The bodily injury claim generally avails you to get damages for:

  • Medical expenditures
  • Additional costs of injury
  • Pain due to bodily injury
  • Loss of earning or loss of job
  • And many more


Bodily Injury Claim in Legal Contexts

Bodily injury is an important aspect of criminal law. For example, how severely the individual will be charged for the DUI depends on the extent of injuries that they have caused to the other driver. People who cause some severe bodily injury will be charged with a higher crime than those who don’t.

Personal Injury Insurance

Car insurance is an area where the difference between personal injury and bodily injury is very confusing – and significant. Personal injury protection insurance is the optional kind of car insurance, which covers the medical damages of a policyholder from a car accident. Irrespective of who has caused the accident, you can get coverage for medical bills in case you have PIP insurance.

Why You Want Professional

Filing the claim or lawsuit is a straightforward process. Still, many moving parts need to function together. It’s always better to work with the attorney, right from the demand letter. After this point, the insurance company can make the decision & negotiate the settlement. You may select to accept and reject the settlement offer with help of your lawyer. Suppose you’re submitting the claim, you should do so as fast as possible after your accident. It is an important consideration, thus you need to be very quick in filing for the claim.

There are a few insurance companies that want you to file the claim within 24 – 48 hours of an accident. Hence, knowing the differences between both the insurance types will help you during the car accident claim and choose the right personal injury lawyer.