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Tips When Searching for a New Church Home

There are many reasons why a person may be looking for a new home church. The reasons can vary from relocation to feeling as though it is time to move on from the present church home. Regardless of the reasoning, it is important that each person finds the congregation and church that is the best fit for their beliefs and needs. Below are some tips that can be utilized during the search.


Once the decision to look for a new church home has been made, the next step is to seek the Lord in prayer. When the Lord’s wisdom is sought in prayer, He will guide you. The specific needs of a church home can be determined through prayer. God has always wanted fellowship among believers, and he will lead you down the correct path for finding a church home.


It is important to research any potential churches of interest. There are numerous ways to conduct this research. For instance, a web search is a great place to start. Start by searching for nearby churches and visit their websites. Many churches now use online platforms to store previous services and teachings. This allows for a glimpse into their teachings and how their services are conducted. Word of mouth is also an excellent form of research. Ask around and find out what church people nearby go as well as how and why they like it and chose it for their church home.


It must be understood exactly what the potential church’s doctrine is. Doctrine can be defined as a belief or set of beliefs, so if the church’s belief does not line up with the belief system of the person, it will not be a good match. While conducting the necessary research, the doctrine will be easy to see; however, there are times when more extensive research may have to be conducted in the form of speaking with church leaders.

Attend Multiple Churches

Once all of the research has been conducted, it is time to start physically visiting the churches. It is important not to settle on the first one visited. Go to multiple churches to ensure that the correct one has been found. Oftentimes, people get frustrated with visiting numerous churches and decide to settle on one regardless of it is the right one for them. Do not get frustrated. By visiting and praying, the right church will be apparent.

Speak to leader and members

While attending the churches, it is important to speak with people there. Most churches have a welcome desk where a current member can be spoken with to get some insight into the church’s organizations and activities. Once the selection process has been narrowed down, speak with the pastor or other church leaders to understand how the leadership is conducted and ensure the fundamental beliefs are aligned.

Looking for a new church to call home can be stressful and, sometimes, exhausting. However, if the above tips are utilized, it can help manage the task and ensure a new church home is found.